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Seablip a Stardew Valley Inspired RPG

Seablip is an upcoming real-time tactical RPG and story-driven single-player game that takes elements of Stardew and throws a whole load of role-playing fun into the mix. The game smashed its Kickstarter goal, receiving nearly double the amount of money asked for, donated by close to 400 gamers.

Seablip will see you hire and control crewmates on your ship and travelling across a “big open world.” Other game features include:

Ship vs Ship” or “Ship vs Island” battlesTactical battles/escape battle mechanicsMultiple builds/layouts for your ship

Reputation system

Weather affects battles with different pros and cons

QuestsDigging for artifacts/items that can give you advantages or be sold to a high price (or clean the ocean for garbage)

Heroes for hire with unique skills

Main story; a strange and mysterious sound from the north

The game’s description is:

“You inherit a small boat from your foster parents and travel out to sea to explore an open world with hostile pirates and other mysterious dangers. Your main base is the small island Seablip, and you can help the inhabitants to build the island back to its former glory. The ice in the north melts and sends dangerous icebergs farther south, is there an even greater threat that lies beneath the ice?”

You can check out the Kickstarter (and its many stretch goals and rewards) right here.

Seablip is planned for release on PC and Mac in Q4 2021.

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