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The story so far!

It all started in Larman's Head at Christmas 2018 as he wanted to connect to like minded Gamerz.

We release an episode once a week for an hour. To discuss topics for the week and we also complete extra Podcasts episodes for special events. 

You’ll find Gamerz Downunder Podcast on a all Podcast Apps Apple, Android and Windows devices. 

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Chat to you soon.

It Will Never Be Game Over!

Gamerz Gotta Game!

Larman & Steve

Image by Lorenzo Herrera
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I launched this site on January 18 2019 describing myself as a retro gamer with an unhealthy passion for retro games. I knew there would be lots of people in the community who share the same respect for retro games and other gamers as I do.


This site is quickly growing a collective of go-getters from all around Australia and I can only see future success for the Downunder Brand!


I am an avid collector of all retro gaming systems with an end goal of collecting all of the systems with as many games as I can get my hands on. So far, the consoles that I have are:


NES, SNES, Nintendo SWITCH, PS3, PS2, PS1, Nintendo 64, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Xbox Original Wii, Wii U, NES Mini, SNES Mini and Play Station Classic


If you love retro gaming, gaming and news, you’ll feel right at home here.

I have also launched a New Company  this Year 2022

We Care For You Pty Ltd


Michael Larmen
Steven Dalzell

My passion has always been older style gaming. I feel like with the advancement in tech. and internet we have drifted away from our friends. Oldest memories of gaming consist of 4 player split screen Golden Eye , Mario Karts, Simpsons, Battletoads, TMNT etc... 


It makes me miss the old days.  

I wish to bring this back. I would love to revive the LAN parties, whether its in schools, halls etc and get old school and new school alike gamers in the one place. Make new friends and share new and old memories.

When I'm not diving head first into gaming, I'm a father of two little angel girls(who aren't complete gamers yet (but I'm working on it) and I'm compete professionally in a range of mixed martial arts- BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA . 


I am also a budding author that wishes to get a book published in the next couple of years, I specialise in fantasy, sci fi etc. I am currently studying a book writing course for game writing as I would love to get into that field.

Like my good friend Michael, I also own a vast amount of retro consoles and new alike. I disappointingly don't have a photo of my gaming room, as its a constant warzone between being called a gaming room and a laundry room.... 

(picture attached below)

I shall win the war one day against the dreaded folding of clothes.

My end dream is to just give back to the gaming community, whether its through a Brisbane based gaming magazine, game story writing or even holding LAN parties once a month.

Steven Dalzell.png



Chris Chivers.png

Being the youngest of a family of 4 - I found myself needing an escape from the family torment at quite a young age. I fell into gaming hard because it was the escape from reality i needed. Starting off with a megadrive & the wonderboy series. I was instantly hooked. Progressing from there to a chipped PS1 and diving into Diablo (that may have started my blizzard fanboyism)

Eventually the TV became a difficult thing to hog with 3 elder siblings so it turned to the computer! and I don't think I ever looked back.

Touching Age of Empires Rise of Rome online in the old MSN gaming zone was where my online career began and I realised the joy of online friends and that I didn't have to be side by side to enjoy a game with people.

Eventually as the years went on i ended up having a LAN at my best mates place every single day after school playing Warcraft 3 Customs (still go over there to this day)

Nowadays i'm a loving father to my precious daughter and partner to her amazing mother. Finding time to play a game with life's chaos is always an interesting feat to achieve. However being one of my historical escapes - I always find time somewhere to boot up something and get stuck in.

Not quite there yet in turning little miss into a gaming queen, however she loves a good sims 4 session and adores minecraft. Gotta start somewhere right?!

Nowadays you'll find me playing all sorts of different games from MMO's. to RPG's & strategy games. If you have anything you want to see me stream, shoot us a message and I'll do what i can!

When Steve approached me with what he was doing for GDU I thought it was a fantastic idea to bring people together to share and celebrate something we all love to do. Hoping to bring some of the old nostalgia back to the Brisbane scene and get some meetup's happening with some LAN's, card & Board games. Just all around good gaming done down under #PCMASTERRACE


Chris Chivers

I still remember the day that my father gave me his old games collection box, that had a doom, doom 2 and wolfenstein 3D floppy discs inside, that's the day that my passion for gaming started.


Since then i've seen technology grow and gaming with it. taken to new extremes every year. I'm a part-time streamer, part-time programmer, part-time magic the gathering player and full-time procrastinator that loves filling time with, going to concerts or playing video games whenever i'm not working. 


I'm mainly a PC master race person, but grew up with the playstation one, as well as a pc. so my console allegiance resides with Sony (sorry), but i also own an Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. 


My favorite video game franchises are: Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Borderlands, Mortal Kombat, Counter Strike, Worms, Resident evil and Killing Floor. My love for video games has driven me to want to be a games developer, with my first game being a small sidescroller that was made for a university final, when Steven reached out to me about his page and wanting to grow it, i jumped right on ready to face anything that was required head on. My goal in life is to become a full time Games developer for either myself or my childhood love studio ID Software, or become a full time streamer, or hell, maybe both? you've gotta strive for the best right?





I’ve been gaming since I was 4 years old. In early 1992, I played Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for the first time and was instantly hooked. This moment is where my obsession for gaming started.


Most weekends, I would go to my cousin’s house and play Alex Kidd, California Games, Track and Field, Golf and Marble Madness on his Sega Master System. Some of my most cherished moments is playing Sega with my cousin and one day I hope our kids can do the same. 


Another great memory was the day I found out TMNT had a game on the NES. It was my favorite TV series at the time so of course I had to play the game and it did not disappoint. Although, I still can’t beat it because it’s bloody hard.... 


Christmas was an exciting time as a kid and in 1992, what Santa brought me changed me forever! As I slowly teared the paper, I could start to see a Super Nintendo bundled with Super Mario World and Mario paint with mouse! I didn't even know this was a thing! A Super Nintendo? Is it better than the NES? I didn’t care - I was stoked. I still remember putting in Mario World and hearing the title music for the first time. 


I still play video games, new and retro, as much as I can without responsibilities getting in the way. If I am not playing, I’m watching videos on YouTube or listening to podcasts in the car. My wife hates road trips with me now. 


I’m very proud of my gaming collection as it includes all of the Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation and Microsoft consoles and hundreds of games I’ve gathered since the 90’s. Unfortunately, most of my collection is in storage as we have no space, but having the Retron 5 at my disposal I am able to play most of my carts whenever I want.


I’m here to share my passion for gaming and knowledge with the community, talk and play games and gain some new friends along the way. 

James Parthenides
Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly

Gaming has always been my passion ever since I was little. I grew up playing on the original XBOX that had itself installed a chip which gave us hundreds of games to choose from. Since then gaming has been more then a hobby for me, it’s become one of my favourite past times.


When I’m not working, playing sports or seeing my friends, I most likely have some sort of controller in my hands.


My favourite games would have to be either Pokémon Platinum on the DS or currently Persona 5 on the PS4.


There was no better feeling then meeting up at lunch with your mates and swapping endless amounts of Pokémon between us.


Games have given me the opportunity to play with my friends online but also to meet others who share the same values as me.I’m either raging at myself for missing a shot or trying my hardest to win, I’m always having fun and am happy to call myself a gamer 


Kane Stuckey

Growing up (and still living) in lower South Aus, my parents bought my brother and I a Super Nintendo when we were a very young age. We used to go down to our local game store and hire a new SNES game every couple of weeks. Super Mario, Bubsy, Battle Toads, and the impossible Lion King game were some of the ones we tried forever to master. That started us, and our family friends, on a life time love of Nintendo, and we haven’t missed a console since! 


Growing older, I made friends with some other gamers, and would spend our weekends playing until the early morning. I remember training for the Aus championships of Super Smash Bros Melee and falling asleep sitting up in front of the TV, controller in hand. I now have a son who is obsessed with gaming, and two beautiful daughters who think they rule the house, which probably isn’t wrong.


I’ve been a vocalist and guitarist for as long as I can remember, playing in multiple bands, touring Australia and Vietnam, winning multiple awards and having the time of my life. When COVID struck, I couldn’t perform, and also lost my job, so I needed to find myself a hobby to keep me occupied. I turned to Twitch under the name VolKano_Gaming and have enjoyed every minute of networking, socialising, and gaming it has offered.


I hope to write blogs and reviews constantly, spreading the word of Gamerz Downunder, and connect with you all as much as I can. I hope to travel, meet you all when conventions and concerts happen again, and make some incredible friends! Game on! 

Kane Stuckey
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