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How to Listen to the Podcast

There are two main ways in which to listen to our podcasts: manually, by going to my website; or automatically, by subscription. (And no matter how you listen to me, keep in mind that it’s always free to you.

At the website

  • When you go to the home page of the Gamerz Downunder website (, you will see a  a Menu and all you have to do is click podcast and it will show you all of my podcast episodes, starting with the most recent. You can click the large Play button for any episode in order to listen to it on your computer.​

How to subscribe

  • Open your phones podcast App some examples are on Apple the Pocast App and on all other Apps​

    • Podcasts is the name for listening to podcasts using iTunes. If you open the iTunes app on your computer, you’ll be able to subscribe to the podcasts there.​


If you have any questions about the ways listed above or about ways that we may have left off the list, email me at and we’ll update our instructions!

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