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Monster Hunter Rise -Review

Just wanted to start out by saying when the name CAPCOM is said in a group of gamerz, the amount of gaming nostalgia in older generations is crazy.

Ranging from Ducktales in the late 80s, alladin in the early 90s, streetfighter, resident evil the list goes on.

Admin steve still to this day believes the Breath Of Fire RPG series is one of the greatest of all times. Which in itself is a massive call, and an enormous pat on the back to CAPCOM.

Taking this into consideration, years of gaming paved the way for him to buy a capcom game every time one comes on the shelf.

Both admin Larman and admin Steve started out playing this franchise on their PSP’s and played countless hours, and realised very early on this is set to continue their great franchise, and will be another great success by Capcom.

There are a lot of Gamerz that play monster hunter rise on other consoles. The team of streamers and admin at GDU have been playing Monster Hunter Since it started (Monster Hunter Freedom)

This game has evolved and surpassed every obstacle and all other limits that have been present in the past. The game is truly a work of art to say the least. Especially in the days of patches and updates, the attention to detail and listening to their fans is what is separating CAPCOM from there opposition.

No gamer will ever state a game should be bug free or glitch free, but what a gamer will ask is that its fixed. This is something CAPCOM is doing on the rare occasion when needed.

Throughout my gameplay there has been no bugs or glitches that I have noticed at time of writing.

However, we have received some reports that some Gamerz are asked to create a new save file. However, a bug appears to prevent some players from doing so meaning they cannot start the game. On Steam, there is already patch notes and hints & tips on how to rectify the issue if it’s still happening on the rare occasion.

What can I say, there is nothing better than being with your mates ( The pet system is also a benefit if unable to team up with friends ) and hunting down challenging monsters, that will give you a run for your money unless a proper strategy is in place.

Then being able to upgrade your Weapons/Armor as you make progress through the game and fight more challenging monsters. With 14 different weapons, ranging from greatsword, long sword, lance, bow… the list goes on. All with different styles of gameplay, so don’t turn your nose at the game over a single weapon, admin have spent many hours arguing about which is there favourite.

The attention to detail in the battle mechanics, like having to hit the tail of a certain mob to drop a spike, which can be then created into a part of a shield, has you coming back for more. Chasing that rare loot drop gives the spice to re-running a certain quest or area.

In Game Biomes are delicately designed, and beautiful in nature. There is just enough of the area to feel like you’re in an open world game and still get in and kill the monster and get out.

The town style and samurai style culture and music makes you feel engrossed and there in the fray.

Both admin steven and Michael played the game on switch, while they commented how visuals were to be expected lessor on a handheld devise not much more powerful than a tablet compared to pc.

The visuals of monster hunter rise on steam is phenomenal, admin don’t claim to have top tier gaming rigs, far from it. Which is proof the design, coding and structure of the game is top tier as its something all gamerz can achieve.

The multiplayer side of the game was simple and clean cut, as simple as selecting multiplayer, then choosing a lobby. The details of the lobby are on the screen with maximum participants, levels, mobs etc which is handy when looking for certain things or parts in the game.

The only issue or concern that admin Steve had was when playing the game on switch, being able to discuss with friends what or where he wanted to do next, the ability to type or use preselected sentences was handy and definitely clean cut to use. But sometimes during a major boss battle yelling at a friend over text just doesn’t give the same urgency as it does over voice. But this concern is of no worry on the pc, as you can either use a 3rd party chat app, or the direct in game chat. This was major news, and one of the biggest downfalls in our earlier reviews.

On a final note, I expect Capcom will add more exciting content, challenging monsters and raise the difficulty on many monsters as they are progressively added with DLC and Free content, if there is you can definitely expect to see us all at GDU diving straight in for the hunt.

Review scoring time –

Admin Steve has always said his biggest issue with reviews is keeping nostalgia for the genre out of the equation. We need to score visual, music, battle mechanics, server usability, UI, lore, character design, pet system ( ninja dog and cat has to get a higher score right ? ) but we have to also take into account what the game developer was trying to achieve, so many times its easy to say ‘oh I wish they done this, or I expected that’ but that’s hindsight of a gaming fan I guess.

The battle mechanics are deeper than just a button bashing style, the gameplay, the music, the visuals all pull you in until the sun is rising and you realise it’s the next day.

Taking all this into account I believe the game is a 7.5 /10 on the switch, but in my opinion everything about this game has been taken back to the drawing board and masterfully cleaned up and finessed, the voice chat during multiplayer is the cream on the cake. Taking that all into consideration I believe this game is a

9 out of 10. Not many games crack the 8.5, but monster hunter developers can be happy with what they have created this time around and we cant wait to see what they do in the near future.

Below is the Live stream of admin steam strutting his stuff on Monster hunter RiSE

Please tune in to our podcast and hear admin Steve and Larman’s discussion on the game. HERE!

Grab your copy from steam here!

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