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Final Fantasy 7 Remake & Intro Leaked & Game Play Footage!

Updated 2/1/2020

Game play footage of the DEMO!

This looks absolutely fantastic, and a bit of a surprise considering how long this opening act is and the fact that it’ll be offered as a demo for us to play. At least we assume it will be playable for everyone due to the fact that the demo ends with direct links to the PlayStation Store, something you wouldn’t normally see in a non-public release build.  Of course, though this demo as of now isn’t available, least not for non-PS4 devkit units.


Just the other day, we reported that Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo was headed to the PlayStation Store? Well, it now seems that there is more fuel has been added to that! It seems the Final Fantasy 7 Remake file size and even intro have both been leaked!

Based on the info gotten from the PlayStation Store, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo file size will be at 10GB, with the actual game clocking in at 73GB! This also fits the confirmation. that the title would span across two blu-ray discs.

Note that none of these are official info, and given it’s the holidays, we’re doubtful Square Enix will reply with any sort of statement.

Given how frequent games are patched these days, I suspect we’ll be getting a day one patch for Final Fantasy 7 Remake that should increase that file size a bit

What do you think of the INTRO?!?!

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