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Capcom To Release 'Multiple Major Titles' By April 2021

In a statement Capcom has announced that it plans to release "multiple major new titles" before spring 2021. The long-time publisher made the announcement as a part of its fiscal year earnings report.

Having made record-breaking profits in the past year, the company hopes to further smash its own goals by March 2021, utilising a strategy which will involve expanding its sales regions, further promotion of its current games, and the launch of several new big titles. No specific mention is made of what these titles are, Capcom is currently not short on rumours, with ever-present tales of Resident Evil 8 and a potential Resident Evil 4 remake around social media.

Besides the survival horror franchise, Capcom is stacked with brands, having Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Darkstalkers, and many other popular franchises tucked safely into its portfolio. Then no doubt we'll start hearing some announcements very soon.

What games would you like to see come though?

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