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Xbox Series X To Support Steam & Epic Games Store!

It is still exciting that we know what Xbox Series X looks like and we know some of the games that will be coming to the platform, however there's still a lot we don't know about Microsoft's next-generation console. Until Microsoft presents a detailed unveiling of the Xbox Series X, rumors will be ripe for the picking about the new console and its capabilities, with the latest rumor making a rather bold claim.

A rumor that seems to stem from Italian site Game Experience they claims that the Xbox Series X will be able to access both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Xbox Series X will be able to switch to a Windows 10 mode that will essentially allow it to function like a PC. The Xbox Series X already looks like a PC tower, and Microsoft has made a concerted effort to bridge the gap between PC and Xbox in recent years.

There is a massive benefits to the Xbox Series X being able to access things like Steam and the Epic Games Store. It would give the Xbox Series X access to a massive library of games right out of the gate, which would mean serious competition for Sony's PlayStation 5.

Eclusive games is what will really be needed to sell people on the Xbox Series X. It seems most all Xbox Series X exclusives will also be coming to PC as well as part of Microsoft's ongoing PC gaming initiative, in saying that it also means that the console will not have any "true" exclusives; just games that are playable on both PC and Xbox but not PlayStation.

None of this has been verified and it's possible that it's made up just to spread rumors. Still, it's an amazing idea for the Xbox Series X and it would be interesting to see it implemented.

The Xbox Series X is releasing around christmas 2020, when we have more information we will let you know!

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