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Xbox Series-X

Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console is called Xbox Series X, the company announced during an onstage unveiling at this year’s Game Awards on Friday. (For us in Australia)

Phil Spencer stated that it will be for a holiday 2020 release, unsurprisingly corresponding with competitor Sony’s release date for its Playstation 5.

This console was previously known by its codename, Project Scarlett I think they are now looking more like a PC tower.Microsoft decided to keep things sleek and black and very, very blocky-looking.I Actually think that they slogan suits the Console “Power Your Dreams,” the Xbox Series X’s new trailer is set to a backtrack of writer Alan Watts’ “The Dream of Life” speech. One Word Amazing!

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed the Xbox Series X works in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, Phil also promised it will “deliver four times the processing power of Xbox One X in the most quiet and efficient way.”

It will also support ray tracing and be backward compatible with current Xbox One games and Microsoft’s library of older backward compatible Xbox games.

I did take notice that there was "series" in its name also so it will seem to suggest there won’t be just one New Next gen Console and this add fire to the previous rumours about Microsoft releasing two versions of its next-gen console.

All I can finish off with is wow ok just take my money now!

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