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We Really Want a Open World VR Rockstar Game! It Could Be In Development!

A post originally published on LinkedIn, it looks like Rockstar Games is working on a brand new VR title headed by Sydney based studio Video Games Deluxe.

Video Games Deluxe is a developer from Pyrmont, Sydney established by Brendan McNamara of Team Bondi, are the developer behind L.A. Noire.

The VR Case Files and is reportedly working on a brand new and ‘exciting’ project that will require new Senior Programmers an Engine Programmer, a Designer, and an Animator.

While we don’t have any more details on the new project thus far, many Rockstar fans are speculating that this could be a project for next-generation consoles, since they’re only months away from release now.

Exciting times to be a VR Gamer!

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