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VR Glove Gives the User The Sense Of Touch On Virtual Objects

Virtual reality experiences have focused on the sense of sight, As VR becomes more popular, though, companies are finding ways to make these experiences more immersive. That's where Teslasuit and its new VR glove comes into play.

The "Teslasuit Glove," as it's called, has several different technologies to detect hand and finger movements, and provide different types of feedback to simulate the sense of touch. Each fingertip, for example, is equipped with a 3x3 haptic display, "enabling users to feel virtual textures naturally."

These sensors work with motion capture and force feedback, which combine to offer spatial, resistance, and vibration effects as well. There's even an integrated biometric system to track a user's "emotional state, stress level, and heart rate."

The glove is not specifically designed for gaming, though I could see it being used in that capacity. Initially, though, Teslasuit is targeting "robotic tele-control systems as well as medical rehabilitation."

One thing is for sure, it looks like a new and improved NES Power Glove.

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