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VolKano's Top 5 Disappointing Sequels!

Do you remember those games that just MAKE your childhood? The ones that you played over and over again, each time as good as the last? You revisit it 15 years later; you still remember all of the cheat codes and shortcuts. Do you remember the sequel to that game? Nope, neither do I. These are 5 video game sequels that really, really disappointed me to the stage where I wish I could forget they existed.

#5: Kingdom Hearts III

Albeit, not a terrible game. And honestly, you could pick one of the thousand games that were released on a hundred different consoles in between the first and third games, but this one hit me hard. I was a huge fan of the series, and I loved the lore that was involved, but it just got too hectic, too quickly. Kingdom Hearts II is one of my most ever played games, and even with the terrible 5 hour tutorial, this game is held very close to my heart. Once I finished Kingdom Hearts III, I traded it in for something else. It kills me to say it, but between the now confusing back story, and everything else to do with this game, I just couldn’t hack it more than one time. Again, not a bad game, just a disappointment after KHII.

#4: Resident Evil 5 & 6

Another one that kills me to talk smack about. After Resident Evil 4, there was a lot to live up to, and they failed. Miserably. Resi5 wasn’t scary, the controls were clunky, and let’s be honest - it was a bit racist at times too. MAYBE we can fix everything with Resi6! Let’s throw 6 of the most badass characters into an interweaving story that expands the more you play it! Nope. Just... Nope. STOP MAKING IT CO-OP! For a game that had SO much potential, it also fell flat on its face and directly into the discount bin at your local Blockbuster. Luckily, Blockbuster doesn’t exist anymore, but unfortunately, these games do!

#3: Bomberman Act Zero

Remember that cute little dude who threw cartoon bombs at his friends and it was a great party game to play with everyone?? He grew up, threw on some weird, g-sting armour for some reason, and joined a terrible, terrible game. The levels are industrious bundles of garbage that slightly change colours sometimes from the previous level that was the exact same. The controls are terrible. The game play was terrible. The idea was terrible. There is nothing good about this game. I hate being a negative pessimist, but my God, what the hell were Konami thinking??

#2 Duke Nukem Forever

Do I even need to explain this one? Duke Nukem used to fantastic! An absolute blast to play as a kid! But what in the USA flag happened to the sequel?? Loading times were shocking. The game play was sub-par at best. His voice acting is absolutely horrid. And the jokes? Oh God, the jokes. They did not hold up well. Couldn’t even bring myself to finish this game. There was more loading time than game play, and when you finally got into the game, it was not worth it. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. The only reason it isn’t number 1, is because of the collective nature of the winning (losing?) spot.

#1: Rare

This one kills me. Absolutely kills me. I was a HUGE n64 fan, ESPECIALLY Rare games. Conkers Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye; the list goes on and on! When they got bought out by Microsoft, everything went downhill faster than a melting snow cone in Hell. All these sequels to amazing games, were some of the worst games ever released. WHAT IS UP WITH BANJO’S NOSE!? These were almost unplayable. Perfect Dark Zero was shocking! Now rumours have spread about PD3, which was cancelled in ’08, may be coming back to light. Will it make up for Zero? This guy hopes so.


Are there any sequels that left a sour taste in your mouth? Let us know!


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