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Upcoming DLC For Minecraft Dungeons

Two DLC packs are coming soon while cross-platform play and more free content is on the way.

The first two Minecraft Dungeons DLC packs were officially announced by Mojang, with the first pack coming in July 2020.

That first pack is called Jungle Awakens and includes three new missions as well as a variety of new gear and enemy types. The second pack, set for release later in the year, is called the Creeping Winter. No further details were given regarding Creeping Winter.

The DLC packs come as part of the Hero Edition of the game, which costs $30 compared to the base game's $20. Currently, there is no word on how the packs will be sold individually.

Additionally, cross-platform play is in the works and will come as part of a free update. More free content will be available to all players as well. For more info on Minecraft Dungeons,.

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