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Ubisoft Forward Digital Conference 13th July 2020

Ubisoft today announced an “E3-style” showcase, They will unveil “exclusive game news, exciting reveals and plenty more.”

The show, called Ubisoft Forward, set for 13 July 2020 @ 8:00am,AEDT it is a fully digital conference and is the first properly announced to replace an E3 showcase.

Bethesda has already said they will not be hosting a digital replacement for their E3 show, while Microsoft has announced Xbox 20/20, its monthly series of announcements leading up to Xbox Series X this Holiday.

Sony is also notably absent thus far as we head into the Summer but are expected to make announcements about their PlayStation 5 plans in the coming months, as we have yet to see hardware or any titles for their new console.

More information about Ubisoft Forward can be found on their social media channels

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