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Twin Stick Heroes Coming Soon!

Twin Stick Heroes is a twin stick arena hero shooter, inspired by Overwatch's hero system and Enter the Gungeon's fighting mechanics.

Focusing on hilarious, and intense versus matches in the tried and true old school local multiplayer format.

The core fighting mechanics are easy enough for any new player, but has enough depth to draw veterans of the twin stick shooter genre,

with a huge amount of heroes and items to choose from, as well as a large variety of gameplay altering variants, modes, maps, and settings to play around with.

The game revolves around player choice making any match feel completely personalized to their tastes, don't like an item or gameplay mechanic?

you can turn each one off, allowing for lots of replay value!


- 19 unique heroes to play as

- 33 items to obliterate with

- 3 weapon pickups to wield

- 3 game modes

- 6 themed planets to play on

Developer: Franklin Burnett

Release Date: Q4 2020 - Q1 2021

Platforms: PC

(Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox)


you can follow them on Twitter

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