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The Witcher 3 Cloud Save Across PC And Switch, Version 3.6 Patch Notes

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition received its anticipated Version 3.6 update on Nintendo Switch,

The update appears to have been steadily rolling out to users throughout the day and CD Projekt Red has now provided a full list of features that have arrived including new graphics settings and PC file integration.

"Among the features introduced by Update 3.6 is save file integration with Steam and GOG, allowing gamers to continue their PC adventure on the go, as well as HUD, menu and Gwent touch control support. Additionally, the update expands the range of available text language options for selected regions. More graphical settings can also be found in the options following the update, making it possible to customize visual fidelity."

Update 3.6 — list of changes:

Added touch control support. Added save file integration with GOG, Steam and versions of the game for Switch from different regions. Added more text languages (in selected regions). Added more graphical options. Added multiple performance optimizations. Fixed various visual and functional bugs. Various gameplay and crash fixes.

While transferring saves from PC, please keep in mind:

Mod-related bugs and blockers might get transferred from a modded PC game save file. If the save file name has been changed on PC, the Switch’s Cloud Save feature won't be able to recognize it.

Additional voice-over languages, added as free DLCs in selected regions, will follow later.

Are you Excited for this new update? Will you be using CLoud Save?

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