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The Blueness Of A Wound - Sydney Developer!

It is available on the STEAM Store

The Blueness of a Wound is a highly unique point and click game that uses concept art for its in-game graphics and is a callback to the first adventure games where the stakes were high every step of the way. The game features art by graphic novel author Roko Zaper and music by the legendary Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana).


Haunted by a tragic event that led to the loss of her sister, Lana is a young woman who returns to the place of her childhood to seek answers.

That place is Australia’s Blue Mountains which, according to the Indigenous peoples’ stories of the Dreamtime, is where the omnipotent Rainbow Serpent lives. To get the answers she seeks, Lana will have to venture deep into the primordial valleys of the mountains where the forces from the beginning of time still hold dominion.


· A perfect cross between a graphic novel and adventure game

· Use Tarot cards, Magic and your intuition to progress

· A surreal story based on folklore

· A highly unique art style featuring watercolour illustrations

· Features music by legendary Japanese composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana)

Throughout the game players will be asked to rely on their own intuition through the Divination System which combines the use of Tarot Cards and Magic. Set in the stunningly beautiful Blue Mountains region of Australia, The Blueness of a Wound is like no game you have played before.

If you want to jump on a give it a go the Trail is HERE

Admin Steve Jumped on and played the Demo and enjoyed the game!



RELEASE DATE: 01/09/2020

PRICE: $9.99 USD




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