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The Blueness Of A Wound Demo Out Now On Steam!

Gamerz The DEMO is out now on steam, Jump on and help this Aussie Developer out.

Our initial response for the demo:

Really Nice art Style for the game and we cant wait for the full game!

let us know what you think.

About The Game:

Haunted by a tragic event that led to the loss of her sister, Lana is a young woman who returns to the place of her nightmares to exact revenge. That place is Australia's Blue Mountains, which according to the stories of the Dreamtime is where the omnipotent Rainbow Serpeant lives. To get the answers she seeks Lana will have to venture deep into the dark valleys of the mountains where the killer lurks and forces from the beginning of time still hold dominion. * A perfect cross between a graphic novel and adventure game * Decisions that decide the fate of your character and story * A surreal story based on Indigenous Australian lore * A highly unique art style featuring watercolor illustrations * To feature original music by legendary Japanese composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Koudelka) ENTER A DARK FAIRY TALE...

Trailer Below!

System Requirements: OS: Windows XP or Higher Processor: Pentium or Higher Minimum: OS: Windows XP or Higher Processor: Pentium or Higher Genre: Adventure

Developer: ZAPERART

Publisher: ZAPERART

Release Date: 15/5/20

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