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The Blueness Of A Wound Coming Soon!

Hey Gamerz we have been in contact with Roko Zaper.

Roko Zaper is the main producer of The Blueness of a Wound, a new adventure game being developed for PC/Windows.

It looks be a very unique game which was exclusively developed in Australia and features an Australian setting. The music will be composed by Japanese composer Hiroki Kikuta.

The game will also examine issues not often found in games and will particularly focus on aspects of post-colonialism and indigenous issues in modern society. The setting was inspired by the beauty and majesty of the Blue Mountains and the many Dreamtime stories that are set there.

Please find all information about the game and links below.







Lana is a young woman haunted by a tragic event that led to the loss of her sister. Determined to avenge her sister’s death, Lana’s one-way journey takes her to the place of her nightmares in order to fulfil her mission. That place is Australia’s Blue Mountains, which according to the stories of the Dreamtime is where the omnipotent Rainbow Serpent lives. There Lana will have to venture deep into the dark valleys of the mountains where the killer lurks and forces from the beginning of time still hold dominion. The success of her journey, and even her very survival, is up to you to ensure.


-A perfect cross between a graphic novel and adventure game

-Decisions that decide the fate of your character and story

-A surreal story based on Indigenous Australian lore

-A unique art style featuring both watercolor paintings and pixel graphics

-Featuring music by famous Japanese composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Koudelka)

Release Date is : 15/5/2020

It would be Great for Gamerz to jump over and have a good and let us know what you think!

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