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The Astro Bot Director Now Studio Director At Sony Japan

The creative director of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is now the studio director of Sony Japan Studio.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission was a big success for PS4 two years ago and it did so well that its director, Nicolas Doucet, has been promoted to lead the studio.  I must admit that I have played and loved this game and also my daughter loves the dancing at the end of the levels!

In addition to directing Astro Bot, Doucet also served as the game’s producer. Before joining Sony Japan Studio, he spent time with Sony London. He got his start in the industry doing quality assurance on turn-of-the-century Lego games, the likes of which predate the licensed family games most think of today, including Lego Stunt Rally and Lego Bionicle, both in 2001.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission was started as a spinoff to Sony’s The Playroom VR, a free introductory experience for players new to virtual reality. The short, cartoonish robots of that mini-game assortment went on to star in Astro Bot, which dazzled critics in 2018 and is still considered one of the best virtual reality games to date.

There’s no word yet on what Sony Japan is working on next, though it shouldn’t shock anyone if an Astro Bot sequel is in the pipeline.

To have a new Astro Bot alongside the momentous launch could go a long way to helping to convince new players give VR a try.

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