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Telstra Is Looking For A Official Game Reviewer

Telstra needs someone to play games and get paid. They will need to share their thoughts with their audience using video media and Written Blogs.

Gaming is even more fun with a crew and if your the successful applicant your able to feature other members of their household or Friends!

From there official Blog from 11/5/2020

"You might not remember, but Telstra has a long history in gaming – right back to the days of our GameArena network and website in the early 2000s, which we started as a way for people to play together on the internet (often for the first time) and to engage as a community."

So if your an enthusiastic and knowledgeable gamer.

you can apply Below!

Apply here!

Applications are open now until 11:59PM AEST on 22 May 2020.

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