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Swoopy Boi The Game - Out now!

A FREE game to add to your mobile collection and it's from an aussie developer based in sydney!

About The Creator:

Rohan Nowell is based in Sydney, Australia. He has huge respect for the indie gaming community and has always wanted to make a game of his own. This is his first commercially released game.

About the Game:

It's swooping season and you're the Magpie!

Swoop posties, hipsters, and more characters as they walk down the street, but watch out for cyclists wearing spiky helmets, and posties who fight back.

Swoopy Boi is an easy to learn, hard to master casual mobile game with Aussie humour that will appeal to gamers worldwide.


  • Simple one-tap controls

  • Hand-drawn characters

  • Easy to learn, hard to master

  • Unlockable characters

  • Aussie humour


iOS, Android


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