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Sony Reveals The PS5's Official Logo

Sony's revealed the official PS5 logo at CES 2020. then Sony's Jim Ryan took the stage at CES to talk about PlayStation, plenty of fans couldn't help but hope for something, anything related to the PS5. Ryan said dramatically, "And I'm pleased to share with you today, for the first time…" "...our new logo."

I was Really hoping to see an image of the console, new features, or a game announcement. But alas, the logo was the only new PS5-related development revealed at CES 2020. Before that reveal, Ryan went over some highly-impressive sales numbers for the PS4. According to Ryan, Sony has sold over 106 million PS4s, 1.15 billion PS4 games, and five million PSVR headsets.

Ryan did promise further detail on the PS5 would be coming shortly, saying "there's much more to share on PlayStation 5 in the months ahead, and we look forward to revealing more details, including the content that will showcase the platform and the future of gaming." Though, the PS5's Holiday 2020 release window is less than a year away, which means "months ahead" could mean any time between now and the console's launch. Most likely, we'll learn more in the first half of the year.

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