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SMITE Heimdallr Cinematic Reveal

Introducing SMITE's newest God: Heimdallr, The Vigilant. Traverse the world with magical bifrost with this unique Hunter is Available Now

Lore : Heimdallr is the guardian god in norse mythology. His father is Odin, and he had nine female giants that feeded him with boar blood. He could view farther than anyone, had good hearing, and he could stay several days without sleeping.

His senses were so extraordinary that he could hear the grass grow, reason why he was chosen as Asgard and Bifrost's guardian, Asgard being the house of gods, and Bifrost being the rainbow that made as a bridge to get to Asgard.

With a horn named Gjallarhorn that was given to him by Odin as a present, he will announce the combat between gods and giants. when that battle ends, the world will get to his end too. That phenomenon is known as the Ragnarok.

Some say that he came to the Earth and, with 3 women, he created 3 lineages: princes, subjects and servants.

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