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Respawn Making another Single Player Star Wars Game?

(Image credit: Respawn)

Respawn isn't done with Star Wars. EA still has several years left on its licensing deal with Disney, and recent job postings suggest another Star Wars "action/adventure" game is on the way from the Titanfall and Apex Legends developer.

GamesRadar noticed, Respawn is currently looking for a Senior Character ArtistLevel Designer, and Senior Software Engineer, all to work on the "Star Wars Team."

The engineer listing states explicitly that EA is looking for a programmer to "create an incredible Star Wars experience" and who is "invigorated" by coding "third person action/adventure games."

We currently don't know if the Respawn Star Wars game will be a direct sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, but it seems very likely or it could be a DLC is in the works, but none has been announced. 

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