PS5 Haptic Controller and Graphics To Evolve the Gaming Experience According to Jim Ryan

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan feels that the haptic tech included in the PS5 controller combined with the graphics will greatly evolve the gameplay experience.

Weekly Famitsu included an interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan, who briefly talked about PlayStation 5.

Jim Ryan mentioned that the haptic technology included in the new controller created for the new console is a great and really exciting feature & looking forward to seeing how developers will use it in new games.

He also talked about his personal experience with the controller:

“I actually tried it myself in a test version of Gran Turismo Sport. I was very surprised by the gameplay feel that was very different compared to the current DualShock 4. This is a very promising feature. Of course, with the improvement of the graphics over PS4, I think you will feel a great evolution as a gaming experience.”

Jim Ryan himself introduced the PlayStation Awards in Tokyo (in Japanese), and teased reveals coming on the PS5 front next year.

We don’t know when the PS5 will be fully unveiled, but it will be interesting to see how much the new console will improve the experience over PS4.

What we have heard so far is certainly promising, but actually experiencing it will likely be the clincher.

[Source: Weekly Famitsu]