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PS5 Bug Spins Disc Every Hour

A PS5 bug has the disc-based console will spin a disc left in its disc drive once every hour or so for no reason.

“I have the disc for Ghost of Tsushima in my PS5 at the moment and it spins up even if I’m playing Spider-Man or Demon’s Souls,” Roughishly Howard wrote on Reddit. “I can understand it needing to check that the disc is still there, but surely it shouldn’t need to spin it that quickly/loudly to do so.”

“At first [I] thought, ‘huh maybe this is a new autentication process to prove that the game is still inside’,” BloodshotX echoed on Resetera. “But now [I’m] kinda thinking its a UI bug. [I] completely installed [Miles Morales] while playing [Astro Bot]. Surely you would think that after the game completely installs it will stop spinning untill [I either] start [Spider-Man] or reboot the system. Turns out it spinned about 4 tines in my [Astro Bot] playthough.”

The only fix at the moment is to eject the disc.

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