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Prince Of Persia Returns!

Prince of Persia has returned in a new two-part event for For Honor.

The first part of the Blades of Persia event, which is live in-game now, lets players battle the time-bending Prince on an altered version of the Harbor map.

A sandstorm has swept through the region, replacing the ocean with sand and changing the architecture to look like an ancient Arabian port.

The map is now studded with traps inspired by Prince of Persia, including floor spikes and wall saws, and it's also criss-crossed with Easter eggs for both the Ubisoft series and the 1989 original.

The star attraction is the Prince. His appearance will be heralded by a sandy tornado at the center of the map, at which point either team will be able to try to take him down to add 150 points to their score. The Prince can slow down time for enemies in an area around him, punish foes with spears that erupt from the floor, and instantly knock down anyone in the map with a teleporting slow-mo punch.

He can also rewind time to return with up to half of his health restored.

You'll also find some creepy new minions to fight on the map, as well as a bunch of new weapons and emotes to collect.

There's still more to come: the second part of the event will begin on 19 March, and it looks like it will bring in the Prince's darker half from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

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