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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Revealed; Demo Available Now!

Nintendo revealed Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, a remaster of the 2006 original which is set to launch on 6 March 2020.

Pre-orders for the game are available Now! ($79.95 AUS), Also there is a free demo available now! Also you can Transfer your data across to the game apon its release the demo and pre-order is avaiable via the e-shop.

This mornings Pokémon Direct trailer showcased a full gameplay reveal, Showing it's new aesthetic. The graphical style is designed as 3D character animations overlaid on a background that has hand-drawn appearance.

Key features added to Mystery Dungeon for the remake:

Auto mode: Starting with this title, an auto-mode feature has been added that lets players progress through their adventures more easily. By just pressing the L Button, the main character and their team will move efficiently. When a player approaches an enemy, auto mode will turn off automatically.

Unleash moves automatically with the A Button: Ordinarily the player would select from one of four moves to use on an enemy. When players aren’t sure which move to use, they can get the enemy right in front of them and press the A Button to automatically unleash the best move to use on that foe.

Up to eight Pokémon can travel with you: When Trainers depart for a dungeon, they can have three members on their team as usual, but in this title, they can also add Pokémon they encounter as they go through dungeons to get up to eight teammates walking through a dungeon with them.

Fainting in a dungeon: If you are defeated in a dungeon, you can ask for other players to rescue you, or they can rescue themselves with another of their own rescue teams. Then they’ll be able to resume their adventure from where they fainted.

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