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PlayStation Potentially Leaked Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 could be releasing on PC and console sometime this year, according to a now deleted post from the official PlayStation Brazil Twitter account

Voxel captured the post stated that "2020 will be the year Overwatch 2 comes to PS4", while providing a link to an old PlayStation Blog interview from November 2019 with the game's assistant director Aaron Keller.

Indeed, Blizzard itself has not yet revealed any launch date plans for the upcoming hero shooter sequel, even admitting at last year's BlizzCon that they were in no rush to get Overwatch 2 out the door before it's in great condition. 

Now there's no way of knowing how far we can place our trust this deleted tweet as an indication of Overwatch 2's timeline, but hopefully Blizzard itself has more to say.

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