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Personalised Stats for PS4 2019!

PlayStation has released a new tool that will detail all of your top PS4 2019 moments and stats.

In a very detailed view. your able to access it if you’re 18 years of age or older and you’ve played at least 10 hours on PS4 last year, you can head here to check out what you’d been up to throughout 2019.

You’ll also get a count of your Trophies, favourite genres, your longest-played streak, VR hours, hours online and even what your best day of playing games was.

You get a prize that’s connected to your activity on the PlayStation Network itself. This intrepid reporter received a some new avatars.

Larman's Numebrs are:

Games played 45

Days played 95

New trophies 163

Most played game in 2019 was No Mans Sky

my total hours was

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