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PAX Online 2020

PAX AUS + PAX West For Free Virtual Event!

We will have PAX this year it is coming in September.

PAX Online 2020 is a free virtual event that will serve as replacements for both PAX AUS and PAX West this year, organiser ReedPop has confirmed.

The online event will run over 12-20 September, with content planned for “24 hours a day,” a press release confirmed.

“PAX Online will be a digital space with everything fans love about PAX Aus and West’s. It will include surprising game reveals, hands-on demos, thrilling esports tournaments, a carefully curated selection in the Indie Showcase, as well as new partnerships bringing the virtual show floor to life.

The event is FREE, however organisers are hoping that are tempted to pick up PAX Online merch!

Pre-orders are already open its has both PAX stores PAX WEST & PAX AUS

(Currently the AUS Store will Open for Pre-orders on 23 June 2020.)

What Merch will you be getting this year?

Now if you Looking to host a virtual panel, you can also submit your ideas here until 24 July.

Finally if developers are interested in subbmitting content they can also submit it to the PAX Online Indie Showcase.

If you wanted more information on PAX Online

The Annual Physical form PAX AUS was postponed until 2021.

Looks like I will be taking 8 days off work just for this event what are you hoping to see?

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