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Patron Game Reveal With Alpha Footage

Patron, a first City-builder/survival with deep SOCIAL aspect.

Some exciting news regarding the announcement of our medieval City/Society builder game.

Patron has unique elements this game brings to the genre! Besides constructing buildings, managing citizens needs and research options - all classic features present in building games today, Patron also introduces SOCIAL dimension: as your city grows, so does your population with all the good and bad it brings - class tensions, social in/justice, immigration, religious strife, protests and even civilian uprisings. SOCIAL DYNAMICS SYSTEM, decrees and enactment of multiple political rules, coupled with extensive research options,

This will allow you to steer all aspects of a newborn society in a specific direction. Patron is our debut title, developed and published by Overseer Games, and at this point, target release date is Q3 2021!

Alpha Footage below!

You can follow the developments on the games on their socials:

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Youtube channel:

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Platform: PC Windows

Planned Release Date: Coming Q3 2021

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