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O! My Genesis VR Review!

Summary: Assume the role of the Lord of Everything. As the Creator of the universe, you will face bizarre challenges in hostile environments, and be tested on your wisdom of conquering these challenges, while building civilization.

Christmas Day I was scanning over the VR section of the PlayStation store and I come across a game being marketed at AU$4.55 – O! My Genesis VR. Aside from a quick demo video, a little text and a few screenshots, i had never heard of this game so there must have not been alot of marketing for the game.

I was Very Happy that i did add it to the cart (including the two DLC!)

They’ve taken the core concept of “playing as a god”, mixed it with a Lemmings design, and mixed into a VR.  The result is simply magnificent.  The tutorial is amazing as it steps you through the levels progress. The art is cute and fun and very colorful. Each level is a different world with clear distinct differences, they also have distinct alien race who needs your guidance, your protection.  You have to Pick up your little Aliens and take them to resources, and protect them from their enemies and other natural hazards. Eventually, Once you have a handel of the basics they then throw a curve call at you and the game introduces an apocalypse where everything goes wrong at once. Through out the game you get additional powers are unlocked by getting little aliens to worship at shrines. (All hail the Creator!)

Move controllers represent the player’s two hands, what is great and makes it easier to multi-task, an example you can be protecting your little aliens from a meteor while burning a plant enemy with your other hand. It's a really rewarding experience.

Within about an hour when you complete the first two worlds you are presented with an invitation to buy additional planets.  at the time of writing the review, there are two more planets in the PlayStation Store – each priced at AU$4.55.

Now about the DLC's, somepeople will probably say is a cash grab but, if you have only payed $4.55 for the game and $9.10 for both DLC, I don't feel that it is a massive cost to pay for the amount of hours you spend enjoying the game. The only question is will the level designers bring out any more new levels?

Genesis is a really fun little game that you will play multiple times. If i had the chance to choose again and go back I would definitely commit the $13.65 to buy the game and its two DLC planets.  To be realistic it really is a fantastic Game for such a low cost.This game really shows off what VR can do.

Developer:Xpec, XPEC Entertainment Inc.

Genre(s):Strategy, Real-Time, Tactics

Special Controllers:Move Required, PlayStation VR Required PlayStation VR Required

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