No Man’s Sky “Synthesis” Update Drops

Synthesis Update (eighth free update) Launched on November 28.

It’s been a couple of months since they launched our 2.0 update Beyond on PlayStation 4.

In it you will find, among many other things:

Multiple Multi-Tools: when one Multi-Tool is not enough!

Terrain Editor Enhancements: flatten or restore terrain at the press of a button.

VR Creature Riding: saddle up on your favorite pet in full Virtual Reality.

First Person Exocraft: now available to non-VR and VR players alike.

Personal Refiner: refine materials on the go, wherever you are.

Multiple Outfits: save a range of custom outfits to quick change into.

VR Photo Mode: see an amazing vista in PS VR? Shoot it and share it.

Starship Scrapping and Upgrading: trade in unwanted ships for valuable technologies or upgrade them.

New Technologies: long-distance inventory management; mid-air jetpack recharging; emergency warping to flee from combat.

New Base Parts: square is good, triangle is better!

Starship Space Map Enhancements: improved quality and clarity of the visuals.…and much much more!

It’s a huge list for the Update

What do you think about the Update?

Will it bring you back to No Mans Sky?

Looks like I will be going back!