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Nintendo Takes Action Against Super Mario 64 PC Port

Someone recently stealth-released a full Mario 64 port for PC, It runs natively, without the need for an emulator, at high resolution up to 4K, although the textures tend to fall apart when you crank it up that high and with full, no-hassle Xbox controller support.

Unfortunately, it's going to be difficult for anyone else to do it. According to TorrentFreak, Nintendo has begun filing copyright complaints against file-hosting sites carrying the game. 

"The copyrighted work is Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 video game, including the audio-visual work, software, and fictional character depictions covered by U.S. Copyright Reg. No. PA[REDACTED]," the notice says. "The reported file contains an unauthorized derivative work based on Nintendo’s copyrighted work."

Gameplay videos on YouTube are also reportedly being targeted for takedown, although there are still plenty of them out there. 

Unsurprisingly, the game itself is also still widely available if you're willing to dig a little for it which is to say, go to Reddit and poke around for a few seconds.

Nintendo is notoriously enthusiastic about protecting its properties,

Would you like a PC Port of everyone's favorite Plumber?

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