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Nintendo Play Station Auction Bidding 300,000!

Nintendo Play Station, that piece of video game history that we keep (accurately) describing as the holy grail of Nintendo memorabilia, is now receiving bids at Heritage Auctions. At the time of writing, the bid is at $300, 000, which is Amazing and looks like i have been out bidded! The auction is set to conclude in 22 days, the end date is 6 March 2020.

For those who are new to the story, the only Nintendo Play Station known to exist out in the wild belongs to owner Terry Diebold, who has finally decided to auction the console off after taking it on the tour circuit for several years. The console was a prototype created by Sony as a Super Nintendo with a CD disc drive, enabling new CD-based game experiences.

It never entered full production due to differences between Nintendo and Sony that allegedly involved Nintendo being uncomfortable with the amount of control Sony would have in the arrangement. Nintendo infamously chose to partner instead with Philips for the CD-i disc-based console instead — and immediately after Sony had announced the partnership with Nintendo no less — and the rest is history. Woeful history for Nintendo.

How much do you think the Nintendo Play Station will auction for? Seriously, tell us your guesses. This could be fun. Diebold claims to have turned down million-dollar offers for the console before.


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