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New Switch This Year?

DigiTimes, a Taiwanese tech publication, reported Tuesday morning (behind a paywall) that the more powerful Switch will come with an improved CPU and a magnesium alloy chassis, rather than the plastic body currently used for the Switch and Switch Lite.

Gamerz have been expecting a more powerful Switch for a while. Back in March, the Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo was working on two new models of the Switch, one of which ended up being the Switch Lite. The more powerful model.

Switch fans, however, did get an upgraded version of the original Switch last year with improved battery life.

DigiTimes reckons "volume production" on the new Switch will begin at the end of the first quarter, allowing for a launch of the console around mid-2020, which knowing Nintendo, would probably be around E3.

Will you be getting a New Switch Pro if it comes out?

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