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New Super Nintendo World At Universal Studios Revealed

Nintendo has revealed an all-new look at the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park expansion at Universal Studios Japan, including a tour of a big portion of the area.

Shigeru Miyamoto, who created the Super Mario franchise, walks around the land, pointing out the many things visitors will get to do. It all begins with a warp pipe, which you walk through to enter Peach's Castle, as seen in Mario 64. As Miyamoto explained, the castle music from Mario 64 will also greet you, and the land is filled with a variety of different songs from throughout the Super Mario franchise.

Miyamoto didn't actually ride any of the attractions, but he did walk through the line queue area for the Mario Kart-themed ride, showing off the iconic trophies from the Mario Kart games, as well as the one designed specifically for the course the ride takes. The story is simple, Bowser has created a track simply to best Mario. As the plumber's friends, it's up to the visitors to race on the track and make sure Bowser doesn't win.

Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Japan on February 4, 2021. The park is also coming to both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando in the future.

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