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New Sony Controller Patent Shows Last Minute Update to PS5

The PlayStation 5 controller will be adding another new feature to its design. Sony filed a last-minute patent for the controller that seems to give the controller a new feature.

The design of the PS5 controller shouldn't be that different from the DualShock 4 The PS5 controller will apparently still keep the joysticks in the same place, The directional pad and shape buttons will remain in the same positions, but the PlayStation button will be removed, and other features will be added.

This new patent seems to claim one of these new features. It essentially states that the PS5 controller will have a new buttons on its back. It will have two big buttons and two smaller buttons that will be divided into pairs, making it so that both the left and right sides of the controller will have a big button and a small button.

These buttons have unique functionalities based on their size. The big buttons, for instance, will work something like knobs. They will adjust the length of the handles of a player's controller depending on how much the player shifts them up or down.

The smaller buttons are a bit mysterious, meaning Sony gave no real description as to what they do. Apparently, however, whatever the buttons end up doing will make controlling game characters easier by "providing more options,".

"Back buttons," probably sound familiar to anyone who's been following Sony and its PlayStation controllers for a bit. The company recently released a new attachment for the Dualshock 4 that provides it with the same feature; although, the Back Button Attachment and the back buttons of the PS5 controller look to perform entirely different functions

It should be noted that the patent Sony submitted was of the utility variety rather design. Utility patents usually lead to new product developments whereas design focuses on altering something already created. It's possible then -- albeit very unlikely -- that this latest Sony's patent could be for something other than the PlayStation 5 controller.

PlayStation 5 will release during the holiday season in 2020.

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