New Leak Of The Next Xbox Console

The Xbox Series X leaks show off how much the big box the next console will be housed in. looks damn nice!

The leaks tell us a bit about the console, it still doesn’t show a lot. We get an idea of the ports that will be on the back of the console,

The port near the middle is a bit of a mystery. I’m also not sure what the long rectangular port beside the HDMI cable could be for maybe another port for devkits only. There are also venting areas on either side of the ports and i think this is a bit of a weird location, but maybe these are intakes and there are more vents on the top.

There is also a slot near the top of the Xbox which is used for opening up the unit. This is basically exactly what we expected box for playing games. Also leaker forgot to cover their serial number oops.

What do you think?

Does this grey box look good?