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New Cheat Code Found For Street Fighter Alpha 2 On SNES

Street Fighter Alpha 2 released in 1996. Though the SNES was on its last legs at that time, the port was really good. 25 years later, a fan has discovered a hidden cheat code previously undiscovered. It allows players to have access to the all-powerful boss character, Shin Akuma.

Programmer Gizaha, who is from the Zeldix forums, found the code through reverse engineering. It takes a couple of steps to play as Shin Akuma.

What you have to do if you have a copy of the game in your SNES or as part of the Wii U Virtual Console:

  • Beat Arcade Mode and get a new high score

  • Enter your initials as “KAJ”

  • Plug in a second controller and hold down the L, X, Y, and Start buttons at the start screen

  • Use the first controller to select Versus while the above step is occurring

  • Hold Start while highlighting Akuma to play as Shin Akuma


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