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New Batman, Harry Potter and Rockstead Game Where Going to Be Revealed At E3 What Will Happen Now?

After the Cancelation of E3 Yesterday there was Reports that Warner Bros were set to host its first ever E3 press conference.

Warner Bros has been absent in recent years, with Rocksteady (Creators of Batman Arkham Series) and the Harry Potter game that leaked a few years ago, both never being announced, but that was set to change in June 2020. What will happen now?

The New Batman game was set to focus on the Court Of Owls & Harry Potter hame that was mentioned in 2018. and Rocksteady’s much-anticipated game, which is unclear what exactly it is.

We don’t know if Warner Bros will now host a digital event, or look to announce these games at other events.

We will have to wait and see...

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