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Minecraft Nether Update To Get New Biomes & Mobs

The Minecraft Nether update is officially on its way and its set to refresh an already challenging alternative dimension Introducing new enemies, biomes, blocks, and precious new ore, there are plenty of reasons to make a return trip to the Nether.

Discover new vegetation in the two forest biomes, or brave the Soulsand Valley. Battle or barter with Piglins, and get close to the strange mob previously known as Piglin Beasts. Interested?

There is no Minecraft Nether update release date is the first half of 2020, you can already get a taste of it with the Minecraft 1.16 snapshot. Before you get snap happy and start enabling snapshots in your game, however, backup your world to avoid the possibility of corrupting your save. Remember, you can run snapshots in a different folder to your main world, too.

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