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Melbourne's Largest Gaming & Esports Venue Fortress Is Opening Next Week!

Fortress Australia, is the largest video game and Esports venue in the Southern Hemisphere is officially opening on 13th March 2020 at Melbourne’s Emporium.

The space is 2,700+ square metres across two floors and houses gaming PCs, console gaming suits, dedicated streamer pods, RPG and tabletop game play area, function rooms, a restaurant, two bars and a 200 seat purpose built esports arena with production facilities.

The special launch day event taking place on Friday, March 13th will feature Steph ‘Hex’ Bendixsen, the first 100 visitors will receive a Fortress gift card worth $30 and a $10 Emporium gift card.

There will also be an all day 20% discount on merch. You’ll be able to visit the space between 4pm and game for free on high-end Alienware PCS. You can stay up to date with the event HERE. 

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