Marvel's Avengers Paid Battle Pass

A new blog post is out and Crystal Dynamics have gone into detail about how the game’s Hero Challenge Cards are going to work for post-launch heroes, including the already-announced Hawkeye and, the PlayStation exclusive character Spider-Man.

The heroes themselves and the stories and events they’ll bring with them remain totally free of charge, the developer has opted to lock the Hero Challenge Card behind a fee of 1,000 credits.

Credits can only be bought with real-world CASH and you’ll earn a small amount from the base game’s six heroes, whose cards are all unlocked for the player at launch. It’s likely that, as the roster expands, you’ll need to spend if you’re chasing all of the skins, nameplates, and signature takedowns.

So what’s exactly included in each hero’s Challenge Card, here’s a quick list as posted on Square Enix’s blog:

  • Rare Resource Bundle: Nanotubes, Nanites, Plasma, Catalyst

  • Resource Bundle: Fragments & Upgrade Modules

  • Upgrade Module Bundles: Upgrade Modules

  • Exotic Resource Bundle: Polychoron & Uru

  • Units

  • Credits

  • Hero Nameplates

  • Team Nameplates

  • Emotes

  • Takedowns

  • Outfits

The game releases for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 4, 2020, YOu Get a free upgrade to the next-gen console versions coming when available.