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Legend of Dragoon Has Been Remade Using RPG Maker

Last year, rumors started cropping up that a full-fledged remake of the PS1 JRPG The Legend of Dragoon was in development at Bluepoint Games.

Fans have taken matters into their own hands, creating a different kind of Legend of Dragoon remake.

A Legend of Dragoon fan named Flanvel has been creating a remake of the game using RPG Maker MV.

It's really more of a "de-make" in that it uses an older graphical style than what was seen in the PS1 original, but it's still a new way for fans to experience the game nevertheless.

A demo of the Legend of Dragoon remake is available to play for those who support Flanvel's Patreon page, though it's unclear just how much the project is still being supported.

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