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KungFu Kickball Trailer and Early Access STEAM!

KungFu Kickball is a team-based sports platform fighter, developed by WhaleFood Games, and published by Blowfish Studios.

Dive into an action-packed competitive experience fusing the combat of martial arts with the speed and finesse of sports. Tackle rival teams in pitched showdowns, running circles around defenders to boot a bouncing ball into a bell and hear the triumphant clang of victory.

KungFu Kickball’s Early Access launch includes five detailed pixel-art arenas and five classes of fighters. Each character features a different playstyle, like the unpredictable Drunken Boxer, strong-footed Old Master, or the fleet-footed Assassin. Learn the ins and outs of each ability in a comprehensive training mode then compete in 1v1 or 2v2 online or local multiplayer matches. Emerge victorious to unlock a special secret character with awesome abilities! KungFu Kickball is arriving to Steam Early Access for PC and Mac on April 13!

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