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Is The Nintendo Switch Still Relevant?

We’ve all been wowed by the big guys with the next generation of gaming hitting the shelves earlier this month, but what does that mean for the Nintendo? While Microsoft and Sony both choose to release high-end consoles relatively close to each other, Nintendo take a different approach and release their console separately from the others. Nintendo are notorious for trying to change the market with insane ideas and innovative features, the latest being the adaptive Switch console, allowing both TV and handheld playability. The real question is, can this 3 year old console still hold its own against the big guns?

Nintendo has always prided itself on its family friendly party games, that everyone can play sporadically. The Switch being so easy to pick up and play, adheres to this style, allowing high end gaming to be taken on the road where ever you may go. Though not everyone is able to travel these days, and a lot of people have been isolated, so what games make the Switch worth playing in such a thriving market? These are some games that will keep you entertained for hours, and make the Nintendo Switch worth buying, even to this day!

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

It’s common knowledge, the massive impact that the legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had when the Switch first got released in March 2017. Just this month, the prequel his arrived! With millions of copies already shipped, Age of Calamity shows us the world before it plunges into the turmoil that Calamity Ganon bestows upon the land.

In the classic Dynasty Warriors style, you take control of Link, Zelda, the Guardians and more, fighting alongside your friendly soldiers to defeat the enemy and protect Hyrule. This game also has a Co-Op option, but is not a necessity as the game is spectacular as is!

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Who doesn’t love a massive hit of nostalgia!? With the ability to relive your childhood through Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario galaxy, this game explains why you should buy it without any assistance! This journey through some of the most beloved 3D platformers of all time is a testament to Nintendo’s #1 character creation, and will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. Just writing this paragraph has forced the Mario 64 soundtrack back into my head!

Octopath Traveller

An instant RPG classic! You get the choice of multiple characters, with multiple classes, each with their own unique stories that are incredibly captivating. The characters journeys interconnect and bring the turn based RPG, similar to early Final Fantasy games, through exciting environments that are some of the most aesthetically pleasing to explore in recent gaming memory. This game will pass the time quicker than Sonic at the Olympic games, offering players endless fun through grinding for experience and new items to try and beat the seemingly impossible boss fights.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Three houses is one of the most expansive entries from this beloved Nintendo series. It brings back the strategic mindset that has been uniquely developed over many years, allowing ever growing main characters, a huge array of weapons, and large scale battles, as well as the first ever free-roaming world that has been brought to the series! If you already have Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, I highly suggest looking into this amazing instalment from one of the most incredible Nintendo franchises ever created!

A Large Collection of Classics!

A lot of Nintendo exclusives have been mentioned, but we need to remember that the Switch has much more than that! There is an extensive list of incredible games that have been on multiple platforms in the past, though some new to the Nintendo universe. A short list of incredible games that can be played on your Switch alongside the classic exclusives are

· Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

· Diablo III

· Mortal Kombat 11

· Untitled Goose Game

· Baldur’s Gate

· Hollow Knight

· Final Fantasy X/X-2

There are so many amazing games that are on the Switch for all ages, all preferences of gaming, all experience levels – the Switch has one of the most expansive selections of entertainment available. I haven’t even mentioned the party games like Mario Kart or Mario Maker, I haven’t touched the amazing 3rd party games on the Eshop, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of games that will captivate you and bring you directly into their world.

The Nintendo Switch is every bit as relevant as the day it was released, with their launch titles still being some of the best games you will ever play. If you haven’t already gotten yourself a Switch, I highly recommend investing, because let’s face it, you probably won’t get your hands on a PS5 for many, many months anyway!

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