HypeTrain Digital Celebrates The 5th Anniversary

HypeTrain Digital is the indie game publisher for PC and consoles. Their mission is to help young developers deliver their games to worldwide audiences, regardless of genre or platform. Working with a diverse team of industry professionals, they’ve led numerous games to success across the world, including Stoneshard, The Wild Eight, and Police Stories.

The Publisher HypeTrain Digital (Stoneshard, Police Stories, The Wild Eight) celebrates the 5th birthday and launches a major Steam publisher sale running November 4-9th, giving Gamerz opportunity to pick up their titles at up to 80% off. Publisher Sale Steam page (the link will start functioning at 1PM EST/7 PM CET): LINK


Here is the list of each game and discount available throughout the sale:

New title — Breathedge

Officially announce for the first time their partnership with

Breathedge, a dark comedy space survival game set in the near future of monopolized space exploration. Armed with an immortal chicken, you play as a survivor of a sudden space liner crash. Explore the wreckage, build stuff to survive, and let the chicken do the rest. The game is already available in Early Access, and, of course, it’s a part of HTD large sale as well (30% off).

New upcoming games

The list of our upcoming projects also got bigger, as we’re now in charge of publishing 2 brand new titles: DeathStick and Outbreak Island.

DeathStick is a beautiful 2D pixel art metroidvania/slasher platformer with a unique world-switching mechanic, where you follow a young girl Mako that starts an enthralling journey to save her world from destruction. A World Warp ability turns the special in-game areas 180 degrees, transfers the protagonist into another dimension and unlocks new locations.

Outbreak Island is a survival game with detective elements — investigate the mysteries of an infected island and survive at any cost using your camera, deduction and handcrafted weapons.

Police Stories — Supporter Pack

Police Stories, our tactical top-down shooter about two police officers, now has new Supporter Pack in-game content: we’ve added donuts and trumpet as a supplement to the existing soundtrack and artbook. Donuts — strategic set of nutrients. Restore vitality, improve your mood.

Trumpet — capable of inspiring allies and demoralizing enemies in the right hands. Or the other way round.