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Gangster Simulator

Selling weed is cool, but it’s only the tip of the gangsta iceberg. This time we’re going to let you not only deal on the streets but also rule the streets. How will you achieve it? It’s entirely up to you.

In Gangster Simulator you can play as a real gangster without any real consequences. Cross this thin borderline between the gray market and serious crime. Play as a badass, who levels up from a low ranking punk to the guy who shakes the whole neighborhood.

Game features:

▫️ an extensive suburb of a large city ▫️ driving mechanics ▫️ first-person shooter mechanics ▫️ complex tasks and storylines ▫️ weapons and drugs trafficking in the darknet ▫️ bookmakers (boxing, dogfights, street racing)

Gangster Simulator will be created by True Games and published by Movie Games. The latter company launched in mid-April Drug Dealer Simulator, which achieved Steam global top seller status and had warm reception in the gaming community, which translates into 87% positive Steam reviews. Gangster Simulator will be published by the same crew, moreover, the development of the game is led by two top-tier Polish rappers - “Małolat” and “Sokół”.


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